1. Please read the illustration and instructions carefully before use. Don’t attempt to change any part of the equipment.
2. Consult a professional coach before sporting. Beginners can only use the equipment under a coach’s guidance.
3. Your body should maintain natural during the sport.
4. Please check the important parts of the equipment before use. For example, whether screws are loose; whether the movable parts are abnormal or unsmooth. If such problems are found, notify the working personnel immediately and do not attempt to solve the problems by yourself.
5. Make sure counterweight inserted links are fully inserted in guide rods. The bolts used must be made by the original equipment manufacturer.
6. In case there is noise, abnormality or unsmoothness during the sport, notify professional personnel for debugging; do not attempt to handle it by yourself.
7. Check the joints of wire ropes and pulleys before use.
8. Only use counterweight provided by the manufacturer. Do not add the equipment’s basic operational weight by dumbbells or other means.
9. Children must not stand close to the equipment. Teenagers and beginners should use the equipment under the supervision of professional coaches.
10. Don’t remove this label. Please change it timely in case of damage.