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Treadmills as Attractive Alternatives for Walking and Running

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2017-2-8 09:30:36
Walking and running are the most common forms of human locomotion and are usually performed overground. However, walking and running are often performed on treadmills as attractive alternatives and to facilitate studies under controlled conditions. 
The motorised treadmill is the most common ergometer and is powered by a motor that keeps the treadmill belt at a constant velocity. The non‐motorised treadmill running is less common and is characterised by a freely moveable treadmill belt powered by the individual by means of a horizontal tether attached at the waist. This allows the self‐propelled belt to rotate according to the speed of the participant.Several studies have compared motorised treadmill running vs overground locomotion to examine kinematics , ground reaction forces and muscular activation differences. Similarly, non‐motorised treadmill running and overground locomotion have been compared for 5000 m performance time,electromyography (EMG), blood lactate, oxygen uptake kinetics, heart rate, maximal sprinting performance and 6‐minute walk distance that have all highlighted dissimilarities between the conditions which could affect the mechanical loading environment and also the musculoskeletal adaptations generated by different locomotion conditions.
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