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Walking and Treadmill Running Are Recommended for the Health of the General Population

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2017-2-8 09:34:13
Walking and running, either overground or on a treadmill running are recommended for the health of the general population, with benefits including reduced body fat, lowered resting heart rate and increased maximal oxygen uptake. Walking and running are also recommended for maintaining bone health during ageing. For bone health, it is important to establish the magnitude of mechanical loading and muscle activation generated by walking and running as the intensity of loading encourages skeletal adaptation. Muscular activation has been linked with internal compressive forces that increase the mechanical loading on bones. In addition, muscles impose a stress on the skeletal system which increases bone remodelling. Impact forces and muscle 4 activation patterns are well recognised in the habitual human gait, with accelerometry and EMG showing the forces experienced and internal muscle activity. Due to the biomechanical differences between overground, motorised treadmill running and non‐motorised treadmill running conditions, there is also the potential for the impact forces and EMG to show differences across the locomotion conditions which would alter the mechanical loading environment. It is therefore important to establish the mechanical loading generated during each condition to determine their osteogenic potential.
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