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Participants and Procedures of the Treadmill Running

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2017-2-9 08:43:14
All 15 participants were recreationally active.Familiarisation was undertaken at least 48 h before the main testing, and involved walking, jogging and running at a constant speed on a non‐motorised treadmill (NMT). Participants were already 5 familiar with overground and motorised treadmill locomotion. The protocol was approved by the institutional ethics committee and informed consent was obtained from all participants prior to testing. 
Tibial acceleration and lower body muscle activation were measured during OG, MT and NMT locomotion whilst walking, jogging and running at matched velocities using a cross sectional repeated measures design. Following a warm up of walking, jogging, running and dynamic stretching,participants walked, jogged and ran along a 40 m indoor laboratory at a self‐selected constant velocity whilst instantaneous velocity was recorded at 100 Hz with a speed meter via a waist harness. Trials were repeated if necessary to achieve a constant velocity. Overground walking , jogging and running were individually replicated during 30 s bouts on a MT and NMT in a randomised order. MT speeds were constant whereas NMT speeds were matched when walking, jogging and running. Participants were instructed to walk on the treadmill, jog or run “naturally”. Trials were separated by 4‐5 min rest allowing sufficient recovery and to reduce any effects of fatigue. Umbro 5v5 trainers were worn by all participants in their correct size to standardise footwear. 
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