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Data Processing About the Treadmill and Playground Running

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2017-2-9 08:50:23
Each gait cycle was identified using tibia accelerometer data, beginning at the lowest trough preceding the impact peak of the right tibia (which represented initial ground contact) and ending at the same point preceding the next impact peak of the right tibia.ig Eht cycles were selected for analysis from a section where the participant was moving at a matched constant velocity in each condition on the treadmill running .Point of ground contact was established using pilot data where synchronised motion capture, ground reaction force, sacrum and tibia accelerometers were used. 
ACC data was low‐pass filtered at cut‐offs of 16, 33 and 40 Hz for walking, jogging and  treadmill running respectively across all conditions based on a cut‐off frequency set at 95% of the signal energy from a mean of the trials from the first 10 participants. Acceleration peak was established as the immediate impact peak following ground contact. Acceleration gradient was calculated as the slope from the point of ground contact to the acceleration peak and cycle time was calculated as the duration between right foot ground contacts upon landing. Acceleration peak, acceleration gradient and cycle time were averaged across 8 cycles per trial. 
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