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EMG Data in the Treadmill Running Study

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2017-2-10 09:01:55
EMG data was band‐pass filtered, full wave rectified and low‐pass filtered at 15 Hz to obtain linear envelopes. EMG amplitude was calculated as the area under the curve (trapezium method) for each of the 8 identified cycles. EMG amplitude was taken as the mean across 8 cycles per trial and normalised to the non‐ motorised treadmill conditions run trial. EMG co‐contraction values were 7 calculated, expressing the EMG amplitude of the agonist musculature as a percentage of the antagonistic musculature. RF values were expressed as a percentage of the ST values whilst TA values were expressed as a percentage of the SL values. A value of 100 indicates equal activation of the agonist and antagonist muscles. Values over 100 indicate greater RF or greater TA muscle activation compared to the ST and SL muscles respectively .Data were processed using Myoresearch XP software and a bespoke MATLAB programme of the treadmill running study.
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