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Non‐Motorised Treadmill Conditions Is Better for Rehabilitation

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2017-2-13 09:21:55
In the current study, this would indicate that the non-motorised treadmill conditions could reduce BMD adaptations when compared to overground and motorised
treadmill conditions. Peak accelerations showed good agreement with previous MT studies and the large reductions in acceleration peaks during the non-motorised treadmill conditions condition are meaningful in surpassing 0.17 g, which has been suggested to be the minimal detectable change when walking.This might imply that the non‐motorised treadmill conditions is better for rehabilitation when gradually re-introducing impact activity to individuals with lower extremity injuries. Acceleration gradient is also important in stimulating bone adaptation with overground, motorised treadmill and non-motorised treadmill conditions conditions producing similar results for this variable. Jogging and running consistently surpassed the threshold of 1000 m.s-3 indicating that adaptations due to this variable might be similar. Acceleration gradients remained similar across treadmill conditions whereas acceleration peaks showed a large reduction during the non-motorised treadmill conditions condition, this may have been caused by a shift in non-motorised treadmill conditions kinematics which preserved the gradient of the acceleration on ground contact but cushioned the magnitude of the acceleration.
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