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Most Treadmill Runners's Running Style Is Heelstrike Running

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2017-2-16 15:26:25
In running, most treadmill runners make first ground contact with the posterior part of the foot, this is called heelstrike running. This treadmill running style results in a typical vertical GRF force-time curve that is characterized by two peaks, the impact peak and the active peak. Magnitude of the impact peak is speed dependent and occurs during the first 10% of stance (10-30ms). The active peak is reached approximately during midstance and can last up to 200ms. The absence of a separate impact peak in the force-time curve is typical for a non-heelstrike runner. Besides a vertical component, GRFs also have an anteriorposterior and medio-lateral component. During treadmill running,the anterior-posterior force component shows a typical braking and propulsive phase while the medio-lateral force component is characterized by more variability.Compared to the vertical GRF component, anteriorposterior and medio-lateral forces are small.
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