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Brief Repeated Sprint Efforts on the Non-Motorised Treadmill

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2017-2-28 08:44:08

To date, several studies have determined the reproducibility of brief repeated sprint efforts on the non-motorised treadmill. However, while non-motorised treadmill team-sport simulations have been validated, the comprehensive reliability of such simulations is still unknown. To our knowledge, there are only two studies that have determined the reliability of some physiological and performance measures of a non-motorised treadmill team-sport simulation. The first study determined the reproducibility of mean HR during the first and second half of a 90-min non-motorised treadmill soccer-specific protocol. The second study determined the reliability of the total distance (TD) covered during a 15-min period of a 90-min soccer simulation on a non-motorised treadmill. In these studies, no other performance or physiological measures were examined for reproducibility.

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