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Assess the Reliability of Non-Motorised Treadmill Sprinting

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2017-3-3 08:54:14
Prior to the commencement of the teamsport simulation, MSS was determined during the PSSA. After a 5-min standardised warm-up on the non-motorised treadmill, MSS was measured using previously reported methods. Each subject completed three maximal 3-s and 6-s sprints, alternately, separated by 2min of active recovery. MSS was calculated as the highest speed obtained in a single second from the 3-s and 6-s sprints. Mean MSS (mMSS), mean maximal power (mMP) and distance covered during the best 3-s and 6-s sprint from trial 1, trial 2 and trial 3 were determined to assess the reliability of non-motorised treadmill sprinting.
This entry was posted on Mar 3, 2017 Fitness