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RFNNHRC Improved Heart Rate Control in Treadmill Exercise

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2016-12-10 09:42:13
The original treadmill system comprised a running belt and several connection rods and servo motors that controlled treadmill speeds and inclines. After addition of the RFNNHRC and assignment of the above control algorithm to the original treadmill system, improved heart rate control was achieved.
Specifically, when the plant input potential was sent to the plant through the driving circuit, the servo motors were activated and rotated the running belt, and the plant output controlled the running belt speed of the treadmill. Accordingly, the plant can be modeled with rotation and straight-line motions using basic physical rules. Hence, complicated plants can be simplified into a straight-line motion model with m as the equivalent mass, b as the damping friction, k as the spring constant, and c as Coulomb’s friction for the system. Due to the presence of screws and multiple connection rods in the mechanism, friction (including damping and Coulomb’s fric-
tion) plays a decisive role in system modeling, and leads to nonlinearity. The runners have different weights which yield different uncertainties. Hence, the plant acted as a nonlinear dynamic treadmill system.
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