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Treadmill Speed and Incline Control for a Pre-Set Heart Rate Command of 160 Bpm

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2016-12-13 09:14:57

Speeds and inclines of the treadmill were used as control inputs for a pre-set heart rate command of 160 bpm. The runner 8 is a man, 24 years old, 69 kg weight, and 176 cm tall.Runner 8 exercised on the treadmill system using the proposed control scheme and the PI control system, and heart rate responses and treadmill speeds were monitored at a constant treadmill incline of 6 ◦ . In this experiment the pre-set heart rate of 160 bpm was achieved after 300 s with the proposed scheme, and a constant speed was maintained from 400 s. The heart rate response can achieve the desired performance using the proposed controller. Although the pre-set heart rate was also reached at 300 s with the PI system, controlled speeds of the treadmill fluctuated continuously. These experiments showed that fluctuations in heart rate responses were smaller and treadmill speeds and inclines were smoother with the proposed scheme than with the PI control system.

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