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RFNNHRC Scheme's Heart Rate Control During Treadmill Exercise

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2016-12-14 08:31:32


Neural networks have superior capabilities compared with feed-forward neural networks, with rapid dynamic responses and information-storing capabilities. The present novel RFNNHRC scheme was combined with adjustable parameters and an on-line learning algorithm, and was applied to a computer controlled treadmill system with heart rate control during treadmill exercise. Novel RFNNHRC structure and controller stability analyses were introduced,and treadmill speeds and inclines were controlled to minimize heart rate deviations from a preset profile. Moreover,related membership functions and weight variables were updated using adaptive algorithms, and all parameters for the proposed RFNNHRC were tuned using a Lyapunov function to ensure system stability. Subsequent experimental comparisons with a commercially available PI heart rate control system indicated superior heart rate control and smoothness of treadmill speed and incline changes. Finally,superior stability and reliability of heart rate control with the proposed RFNNHRC scheme was demonstrated with various pre-set heart rates, speeds, and inclines.

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