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The Limitations in Our Treadmill Walking Study

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2016-12-19 09:11:48
There are some limitations in our study. First, no control group was included in this study. Second, biochemical bone markers level could detected pharmacotherapy effects within 1e3 months post treatment. It may be too earlier to detect effects of exercise program in the first 3 months by bone marker level. It may represent the positive effect of exercise if treadmill walking period is more than 3 months. Finally, the results in our study cannot use for all postmenopausal women.The average age of our participant is nearly 60 years old with wide range of age. Rubin et al. reported aging alters the response of skeleton tissue to mechanical loading. Age may affect the response to treadmill walking in our study. The average postmenopausal period in our study is nearly 10 years with wide range of postmenopausal period. It will cause different status of bone turnover markers due to quite different phase of estrogen deficiency. However, 70% of participant was menopause less than 10 years.
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