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Greater Enhancement of CS Excitability Was Recorded with PAS Protocol

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2016-12-20 09:47:24
Exercise-induced changes in CS excitability in the primary motor cortex (M1)have been demonstrated following an acute bout of treadmill aerobic exercise. Additionally, changes in CS excitability were induced using non-invasive brain stimulation techniques such as paired associative stimulation. Previous studies have suggested that that these changes were mostly mediated at a cortical level and also via indirect trans-cerebellar sensory pathways. Using this technique, a greater enhancement of CS excitability was recorded when a facilitating PAS protocol was preceded by an acute bout of aerobic treadmill exercise than when applied alone. Interestingly, enhanced sequence specific learning when motor practice was performed after a 20-min submaximal intermittent treadmill exercise was demonstrated by Mang et al.,.Additionally, this exercise enhanced the long-term potentiation-like (LTP) plasticity induced by a PASZS protocol after the exercise.In the same manner, an inhibitory PAS applied in stroke patients targeting the non-paretic limb.
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