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Eccentric Contractions Are Known to Induce Specific Neural Adaptations

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2016-12-21 09:44:16
Interestingly, compared to concentric contractions, eccentric contractions are known to induce specific neural adaptations. Specifically, EMG activity is decreased during 5 eccentric muscle contraction compared to concentric contraction for the same submaximal torque achieved. This results in a lower number or a weaker discharging rate of motor units explained by inhibitory spinal mechanisms that occur during eccentric contraction. These mechanisms are suggested to prevent muscle damage by reducing the motoneuronal excitability which leads to a reduced activation level. However, a greater cortical excitability is associated with eccentric contractions, explained by a larger amount of sensory information to the brain from muscle lengthening, and the improved planning of eccentric actions. Furthermore, this greater excitability was also suggested to counteract the inhibitory spinal mechanisms, during eccentric contraction. Thereafter, when assessed using TMS, CS excitability was shown to be reduced during eccentric contractions.
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