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Participants Exercised on a Treadmill Either Uphill or Downhill

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2016-12-23 09:02:32
After the pre-exercise measures were taken, participants exercised on a treadmill either uphill or downhill. We randomly assigned either uphill or downhill exercise with or without PAS as the first treadmill exercise session for each participant so that the participant cohort was counter-balanced between those that experienced uphill or downhill exercise followed by PAS 25 or not in their first session. For each session, participants started with a warm-up period consisting of 10-min treadmill level running at 50% of HR max 8 followed by a knee extensor maximal torque test. Following this, the 30-min treadmill exercise was carried out with either a +10% slope or -10% slope as previously used to induce mostly CON (uphill) or ECC (downhill) contractions of the knee extensor muscles. For all sessions, the experimenter adjusted the speed of the treadmill during the exercise in order to maintain a stable level of intensity corresponding to 60% of HR max for each participant. Two minutes were allowed to reach the targeting speed at the start of the exercise for all subjects. The moderate intensity has previously been shown to limit a systemic increase in neurochemical neuroplasticity inhibitors such as cortisol. Heart rate, running velocity and rate of perceived exertion (RPE) of effort using the 15 point RPE 6-20 scale were recorded every 5 min during the exercises.
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