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PAS Protocol Stimulation During the Treadmill Exercise Study

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2016-12-24 09:17:00
A facilitating PAS 25 stimulation paradigm was used as it was expected to increase corticospinal excitability. Square wave pulses of 1 ms were electrically applied to the right median nerve by use of a single bipolar surface electrode placed on the wrist . Stimulus intensity was set at 300% of each subjects’ perceptual threshold, i.e. the lowest stimulation intensity a subject could perceive in the relaxed APB. The TMS pulse was applied 25 ms after the electrical stimuli at 100% of IS 1mV .This protocol was repeated 200 times at 0.25Hz for a total duration of 15 min. Because PAS 10 effectiveness has been shown to be influenced by attention, we asked subjects to count the number of stimuli during PAS 25 and to report it at different moments. This protocol was applied 5 min after the end of treadmill exercise, which was the time required to complete the POST MVIC and to ready the subject for testing.
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