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Similar Treadmill Exercise Intensity Without Muscle Fatigue

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2016-12-26 14:35:01
To avoid any confounding effects related to exercise intensity and muscle fatigue, we fixed a submaximal intensity of exercise for both locomotor exercises. Indeed, although the nature of the exercises differed in terms of the knee extensor contraction mode (i.e. mostly concentric for uphill versus eccentric for downhill locomotion), both exercises were performed at the same intensity (60% of HR max ) with the same average rate of perceived exertion. Greater speed during downhill compared to uphill locomotor exercise despite the same heart rate is in agreement with previous findings that have documented lower metabolic cost associated with eccentric modes of contraction. Moreover, maximal strength capacity was not altered following both treadmill exercises, suggesting that muscle fatigue did not occur in the knee extensor muscles. The absence of exercise-induced muscle fatigue may be explained by the low intensity of the exercise. Our data suggest therefore, that we successfully reproduced similar non-fatiguing conditions between both locomotor exercises that solicited the knee extensors with different modes of muscle contraction.
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