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An Acute Bout of Locomotor Aerobic Exercise PromotesCS Excitability

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2016-12-27 13:43:25
Our findings also showed that an acute bout of locomotor aerobic treadmill exercise promotesCS excitability when tested in a non-exercise muscle; here the Abductor Pollicis Brevis,(APB). This result is in accordance with previous studies . Enhancement of CS xcitability in the APB likely results from an increase of M1 activity due to motor outputs acting on a facilitator system at the cortical level. Also, increasing cardiovascular and metabolic demands during locomotor exercises could in turn increase the effects of treadmill exercise upon neuroplasticity. However, contrary to changes assessed in the exercised muscles, which have been observed immediately after exercise, our data suggest that a delayed onset (30 mins post exercise) is necessary to achieve CS excitability changes in a non-exercised muscle. This delayed effect could explain the lack of significant differences between I/O values between PRE and POST5 and POST PAS 5.
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