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Effects of the Mode of Muscle Contraction in the Treadmill Exercise Study

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2016-12-28 09:31:57
It seems therefore that whole-body sub-maximal locomotor exercise with eccentric contractions of lower limb muscles leads to a delayed increase in CS excitability of upperlimb muscle. Thus, it appears that inhibitory mechanisms acting at the spinal level, which depress corticospinal excitability in the treadmill exercising muscle did not influence the CS excitability of the upper limb in the non-exercised muscle. However, due to lack of measurement of spinal excitability (e.g. H reflex), we cannot identify the precise origin of the observed changes. We hypothesize that with respect to the different medullary level of upper limb and lower limb muscles, inhibitory spinal mechanisms acting on the lower limb muscles would not have influenced the upper limb muscle. Moreover, we can also hypothesize that 16 M-wave changes in the APB were the same for both exercises as, except for the slope, treadmill exercise characteristics were the same (intensity, duration, and hour of day).
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