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Fatigue-Induced Alterations in Stride Characteristics During an Acute Bout of HIIT

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2017-1-9 08:45:07
  Deteriorated spatio-temporal stride and SMM characteristics during fatigued running have been reported for runs of a few minutes,few hours and up to 24 h or more. Whereas an overall increase in both leg and vertical stiffness occurs during ultra-endurance events, K leg is decreased and K vert unchanged throughout short-duration exhaustive runs, highlighting the ‘task-dependency’ of fatigue-induced changes in running mechanics. During repeated running sprints, a popular form of high-intensity intermittent treadmill exercise in team sports, substantial alterations in K vert stemming from decreased step frequencies have consistently been shown to accompany reductions in running velocity with effort repetitions. However, the covariance of changes in running velocity and stride kinematics and/or SMM characteristics with fatigue during self-paced treadmill exercise makes it difficult to relate mechanical adjustments to fatigue resistance. To date, no investigation has attempted to evaluate fatigue-induced alterations in stride characteristics during an acute bout of HIIT where running velocity is kept constant.
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