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Data Analysis of Treadmill exercise Research

Writer:realleaderfitnessDate:2017-1-14 11:22:19
  The vertical average loading rate is calculated as the mean of the time derivative of the vertical force signal in the first 50 m of the support phase and is denoted BWs-1. For the ensuing analysis, the mechanical treadmill exercise data collected for all steps during the 20 second sampling period is eventually averaged.
  Descriptive statistics are expressed as mean ± SD. The normal distribution of treadmill motion data was examined by the Shapiro-Wilk normality test. First, heart rate and perceptual motor ratings and mechanical treadmill exercise data were measured using a one-way (time) variance analysis for repeated measurements. To assess the variance of the hypotheses, all ANOVA results were used for the Mauchly Spherical Test. If the hypothesis is violated, a greenhouse-Geisser correction is performed to adjust the degrees of freedom, and a Bonferroni post hoc multiple comparison if a significant main effect is observed. For each ANOVA, a partial square is calculated as a measure of the magnitude of the effect.
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