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Why We Present an Adaptive Neural Network Control Scheme in Treadmills Sports

Date:2016-12-8 09:18:42

Commercial treadmills RCT-800

Automated exercise testing systems are increasingly important during exercise training, rehabilitation, and cardio respiratory analyses. However, currently available treadmills that offer heart rate control have poor performance and lack mechanisms for setting desired heart rate profiles. Among heart rate systems for treadmills, proportional–integral (PI) controllers operate on simple algorithms that produce high-stability margins and high reliability when properly designed. However, these properties of PI controllers remain subject to nonlinear speed characteristics of treadmill systems and vary with drive operating conditions, or are too complex to control using traditional strategies. Cardiac diseases have a challenging problems with enormous economic impact worldwide. A cyber-physical systems approach to pacemaker was designed that exploits the fractal properties of heart rate activity. In order to achieve adaptive tracking performance, an adaptive neural network control scheme is presented in treadmill sports to adjust controller parameters based on its on-line learning ability.

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