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HS-1015 Iso-Lateral Wide Pulldown
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HS-1015 Iso-Lateral Wide Pulldown

HS-1015 Iso-Lateral Wide Pulldown, find complete details about HS-1015 Iso-Lateral Wide Pulldown, seated bicep concentration dumbbell, seated bicep rod, seated bicep triceps extension - Realleader Fitness Co., Ltd.
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Attention: Do not pratice too fiercely ,but you should give off your energy evenly . 

Main Function : To train the muscles of the back. Operation Instructions: Sit on the adjusted cushion and the centrifugal movement model makes the down-pull natural.The fixed angled thigh cushions make it possible and easy for the user to do the movement and keep balance. 

PRODUCT SIZE:1650*1040*2030(MM) 

PACKING SIZE:1950*1480*500(MM) 


seated bicep concentration dumbbell
seated bicep rod
seated bicep triceps extension
seated bicep with dumbbell
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