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It is mainly divided into two categories: strength type and aerobic type fitness equipment, of which there are more than 300 varieties of seven series of strength type: M7, M2, M3, HS, FW, FM and PF


Don't be surprised if you see Relida equipment in a well-known or unknown gym in the United States.



① Our international image spokesperson Sean Ray is from the United States

② Many videos on YouTube also show Ruilida's equipment.

③USA is added to the back of the export equipment logo, and Ruilida has been exported to more than 80 countries and regions.

④It is generally evaluated that after using Rayleigh’s equipment, it is found that the so-called imported equipment around is nothing more than this

REALLEADER Sports Equipment

Realleader is a leading fitness solution provider in China. After years of precipitation and growth, it has developed into an enterprise leading the world in the field of equipment expertise. The company introduces the world's top production equipment, improves production technology, improves production quality standards, and leads the development of China's fitness equipment. It continues to attract and gather more and more high-quality customers, high-quality employees, high-quality suppliers, and create brilliant!

 In the future, Ruilida will continue to uphold the business tenet of "seeking benefits for employees and contributing to public health", and always adhere to the goal of "producing the most professional fitness equipment", and insist on providing users with higher quality products and more perfect After-sales service, more scientific fitness guidance, promote the internationalization of the Ruilida brand, and strive towards the great vision of "becoming the largest leader in the global fitness industry"!



Our products meet industry standards


Production equipment

Adopt internationally excellent production technology and equipment system


Marketing network

Products have been sold to more than 40 countries and regions including Europe, America, Oceania, North Africa, and the Middle East


Innovative R&D

In accordance with the principles of kinematics and ergonomics, scientific design, careful manufacturing, create value for customers.

Realleader USA

We are a professional sports equipment manufacturer, if you want to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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