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      Realleader Fitness Co., Ltd was established in 1996, is a worldwide fitness company  integrating development, design, production and sale.As an important supplier of professional strength and cardio fitness equipment in the world, the company has three domestic subsidiaries,include Shandong Li De Fitness Co.,Ltd,Shandong Realleader Import&Export Co.,Ltd,Realleader Fitness International Co.,Limited,Four oversea  branches ,including Realleader Fitness Corp(North America),Realleader Europe SLU(Europe),Into Wellness Private Limited(India),PT.Realleader Fitness Sukses(Indonesia).The company upholds the business principle of “seek benefits for employees and make contributions to public health” and persists in the business concept of “People-oriented, Integrity-centered”. In accordance with principles of kinesiology and ergonomics, Realleader creates values for customers based on scientific design and dedicated manufacture, and strives to create a world famous brand.

      After more than a score of development, Realleader now employs 25 senior engineers and 65 professional technicians. In June 2007, the company moved to its new plant, which covers an area of 30,000 square meters. Realleader not only has established long-term technical partnerships with many sports specialists from America and the Netherlands, but also owns a group of professional fitness consultants. Through concerted efforts of all the staff, Realleader has distributed its products to more than 100 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Oceania, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and become an important fitness equipment manufacturer perfectly integrating appearance and performance.

      Realleader products are mainly classified into two categories: strength fitness equipment and cardio equipment. The strength fitness equipment has eight series, M7 PRO,M2,M3,HS,FM,FW,PF, and a total of more than 300 varieties, which are made of superior imported steel, and adopt advanced stress-bearing analysis system and extreme intensity experiment device to guarantee product stability and safety. Overall physical sandblasting, derusting and spraying zinc are adopted in the surface processing, which empowers Realleader products with high hardness, strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, elegant appearance and shock resistance. The cardio equipment is made of high quality materials and feature elegant appearance design and sound durability. Its main components, including motor, converter and meter, are imported from Japan and Germany. Every product offers an illustration guiding beginners to conduct professional training.

      In pursuit of the ultimate goal -- "meet customer demands and exceed customer expectations", Realleader is willing to create a beautiful future with you!


M7 PRO -1001 Chest Press
M7 PRO -1001 Chest Press, find complete details about M7 PRO -1001 Chest Press, front raise, tricep extension, incline dumbbell - Realleader Fitness Co., Ltd.
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M7 PRO-1002 Lateral Raise
M7-1002 PRO Lateral Raise, find complete details about M7-1002 PRO Lateral Raise, cubii exercise machine, tonal workout machine, exercising machines - Realleader Fitness Co., Ltd.
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M7 PRO-1003 Shoulder Press
M7 PRO-1003 Shoulder Press, find complete details about M7 PRO-1003 Shoulder Press, dumbbell shoulder, tricep extension, dumbbell shoulder press - Realleader Fitness Co., Ltd.
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M7 PRO-1009 Seated Row/Rear Delt
M7 PRO-1009 Seated Row/Rear Delt, find complete details about M7-1009 Seated Row/Rear Delt, barbell row, upright row, rowing workout machine - Realleader Fitness Co., Ltd.
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M7 PRO-1010 Chin/Dip Assist
M7 PRO-1010 Chin/Dip Assist, tricep dips, leg exercise machine, universal workout machine - Realleader Fitness Co., Ltd.
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M7 PRO-1011 Pec Fly/Rear Delt
The M7 Line features Dual-Pulley design and white acrylic enclosure. Each machine has a rack for towel and water bottle holder.
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M7 PRO-1012 Back Extension
M7 PRO-1012 Back Extension, find complete details about M7 PRO-1012 Back Extension, back workouts, back hyperextension machine, inverted back machine - Realleader Fitness Co., Ltd.
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M7 PRO-2001 Hip Abductor
M7 PRO-2001 Hip Abductor, find complete details about M7 PRO-2001 Hip Abductor, front lateral raise, side lateral raise, rear lateral raise - Realleader Fitness Co., Ltd.
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