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1. Before use, please carefully read the schematic diagram and instructions for use. Do not attempt to modify any part of the machine.

2. Before starting to exercise, choose a professional coach for guidance. Beginners should use the machine under the guidance of the coach.

3. Keep your body in a natural state during exercise.

4. Please check the important parts of the machine before use. Such as: Whether the screw is loose, whether there is any abnormality in the frequently moving place, or feel that there is a place that is not smooth. If you find such a problem, do not handle it by yourself, and notify the staff immediately.

5. Make sure that the breeding rod is fully inserted into the guide rod. Use the plug provided by the manufacturer.

6. There are noises or abnormalities during the exercise, and it is not smooth. Do not handle it without authorization. Please ask professional staff to debug and deal with it.

7. Check the wire rope, pulley and connection before use.

8. Only use the breeding provided by the manufacturer, do not use dumbbells or other methods to increase the weight of the machine.

9. Keep children away from the machine. Teenagers and beginners should use it under the supervision of professional coaches.

10. Do not tear off this label, if it is damaged, please replace it in time.


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